Obamacare for the very old and the unborn

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Under Obamacare, health care will be rationed. The questions are who, where, how, why and when. European nations with government health care programs unanimously claim that the US health care plan is the ultimate model for the WRONG way to do it.

A neural surgeon returned from a seminar about the effect of Obamacare upon his profession. This guy is a brain surgeon; a genuine version of TV’s “gifted man.” About 65% of his health care delivery fee covers his cost for medical malpractice insurance. That should provide a clue about one of the major health care problems, but I digress. Sorry!

The Doctor reported over the Internet what he learned in his seminar that deeply disturbed him. He said that patients over 75 years old are only eligible for comfort care in a trauma situation. Even if they are under 75, and they are admitted after normal working hours, surgeons have to wait until the following business morning for approval from a health-care panel before they could operate.

One of the most critical life-threatening operations he does is a hematoma. A patient has at most one hour to live without treatment. The red tape created by a panel of “approvers” guarantees that the patient will die. Not one of these people would have the credentials of modern neural surgury to guide their decision.

Looks to me (and him) like the equivalent of a death panel ruled by pocket veto. Oh, I forgot. There are no death panels in Obamacare. Those eldercare counselors an old person has to see will not advocate assisted suicide or living wills banning artificial life support. No wonder Logan ran.

On the other end of the spectrum, Obamacare will force abortion for unborn babies with genetic defects . . . no exceptions. The law even provides for sterilization to make sure it cannot happen again. Oh, I forgot. Obamacare considers that condition a woman’s health issue, not a license to kill.

Now I am confused. I guess I will have to re-read the 3,000 page bill again and plow through all of those Health and Human Services interpretative regulations to find out the truth. Good luck with that!

Tags: Obama, health care, death panels, eldercare, abortion

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